Friday, January 18, 2013

Week 3-192.8

Lets see if we can find a pattern.

The first two weeks I was vigilant. I stuck to my plan, started exercising on week 2, even counted the pints for each hershey kiss I ate.

Friday, January 11th, I was getting ready for a party, felt a little grouchy and let my husband bring home a viciously good pizza. Although the points were high, I counted them.

Saturday, January 12th, the party. I ate good most of the day, saving my points for a hot dog and some cake. I got lots of activity points going up and down stairs and throwing the party.

Saturday, January 12th, after the party. I had to have another cupcake with that yummy icing and some ice cream on the side.

Sunday, January 13th, day after the party. Tired, lots of left over hot dogs and cupcakes. "Points Free Day!!!"

Monday, January 14th, back to work. I stayed in my points, but it was raining so I didn't walk. Or I drove a bus, something. (see regular life creeping in?) Dug into a few bonus points for a cupcake. (cupcakes are gone, whew!)

Tuesday, January 15th.By a miracle, stayed in my points range. Didn't exercise because it was raining.

Wednesday, January 16th. Minor PLC with lunch served. Made a healthy plate, looked up and counted all the points. Had one tiny mini cheesecake. Then someone mentioned how good the sugar cookies were. All the tea was sweet. My principal bought a stack of sugar cookies to the table. I had one. One stayed on the table untouched for nearly two hours. I should've thrown it away, but man it was good.

Thursday, Jnaury 17th, David's birthday, having Mexican for supper so screw it all anway. Didn't exercise because it was snowing. "Points free day!"

Friday, January 18th. Counted all my points today, but back to as hungry as the beginning. I really want some chocolate ice cream. I am facilitating the Biggest Winner contest at school, so I weighed everybody and took their blood pressure. Wanted to go out to supper after piano, but didn't. Walked during piano lesson. I feel successful today.

Problem-not folowing plan on any day that's different than typical. I have lots of days that aren't typical. So easy to relax after one or two bad days.(this is my pattern). Also, the scale does go down quickly, and I tend to think that I've got another day (Scarlett) and those days pile up.

Success-back on today, even though I want that ice cream, and I would've eaten out if circumstances had been different.

And blah, blah, blah...

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