Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I ripped open the Oreos...

The grocery store is such a challenge. Today, I had my day planned for eating. I had what I thought was a hardy lunch, and ate a piece of fruit right after school so I wouldn't be hungry during book club. I had to pick up Chris's shirts and run to the grocery before picking up my son. I felt a little hungry on the way, but figured I could run into the Pig and grab a couple of things for supper and lunch this week.

Instead, I felt like Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas when he goes through the liquor store filling up his buggy. My mind was fuzzy, and I took like 5 minutes picking out frozen broccoli. I bought my son all of our favorites: nutty buddy bars, Pringles, cheezits and Oreo cookies. I was good, though, I didn't grab a snack at the checkout (snickers) and thought I was home free. Until I got to the parking lot, and I ripped open the Oreos and helped myself to a couple. They were divine!

Lesson learned: don't go to the grocery store hungry you goob!
Success: I counted the Oreo points and had a healthy dinner. I'm over on daily points, but not by that much.

Now, I've got to deal with having nutty buddy bars in the cabinet.

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