Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I was fussing the other day about something, and a friend of mine commented it was just because i was had "wanderlust." I know this word and have used it on occasion, but I looked up the specific definition. Google dictionry defines it as "a strong desire to travel." Dead on. So I started refelcting on all the different places I've live and different jobs I have had. Following is a brief and probably inaccurate timeline of my wandering.

I lived in a small trailer with my Mom and Dad on Parris Island, SC

I lived with my Mom in the same trailer across the street from my Grandmother in Mac's Chapel while my Dad was on deployment to Vietnam

I lived with Mom and Dad in a trailer park in Jacksonville, NC. I'm not sure if it was on base or not, but there was an interesting old man who lived next door who had a white beard and a cane. He gave us cookies and told stories.

We lived in a trailer park in Cherry Point NC. My sister was born while we lived here. I got my first stitches, learned to ride a bike and bought a plastic peace sign at a yard sale for 15 cents. I have a horrible memory of kindergarten, but I remember a very sweet 1st grade teacher.

We moved to a place called Daisy City outside of Graysville AL while my Dad delpoyed to Japan. My parents divorced for the first time during this period. I remember learning to suck the nectar from honeysuckle, playing red light green light in the field, Brookisde Elementary and phonics, and buying ice cream from the truck. I also checked ou Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from the library

My sister and I moved to Millingotn and lived in an apartment with my Dad until we moved the trailer up from AL. Or did we buy a new one? Can't remember. I have great memories of this time. We had races in the road, built forts in the woods and played out until the last minute always. I remember watching Elvis Presley's funeral on TV while I changed into play cltohes. I had sweet teachers, except 4th grade, and my librarian turned me on to Bridge to Terebethia and Judy Blume books. I kissed a boy behind the coat racks in 6th grade. No idea who.

My parents remarried, and we were transferred to Beaufort, SC, back to where I began. I lived in a house on base with my sister and parents until they divorced again in 1984. I have too many memories from this time, but I can still smell the marsh and wish I could still ride my bike to the river to get some crabs. I also had my first of many jobs here. Babysitting and working at a convenience store.

I lived with an older man in Beaufort Not going there.
Worked at convenience store, started and failed out of college.

I moved in with my Grandmother for the first time and started UAB. I worked at Blue Cross Blue Shield for a bit, then Sam's Wholesale Club on Lakeshore Drive.

Fluff Chick and I rented a house in Minor for a while. It was like all the movies you've seen about college. Wild! I worked mainly at Sam's during this time, but also part time as a convenience store clerk.

I lived in a great little apartment on Southside just up from UAB. I have the fondest and the worst memories of this time. This was the period that my addictions grabbed me, chewed me up and spit me out. I loved that little aprtment, though. It had a claw foot tub. I worked first at Sam's, then Western Supermarket in Mountain Brook, then Bruno's in Irondale and a short stint at Toys'r'us in Hoover. I moved from here to my Dad's house, to my Mom's house in SC, back to this apartment, thne finally back to my Grandmother's. Oh, I forgot all about Re-Print, the school supply place I worked at for 3 years. They took really good care of me. Thanks Ray Pate.

Moved back in with Gran, finished that degree! I wroked off and on at Re-Print during this time. I started teaching full time in August of 1999 at Minor High School as the FACS teacher. I had the best mentor teachers ever, and this was before we had "mentor teachers."

February 2000-July 2000
Lieved for a brief time with a friend in Cottondale. Bad move. Long story.

Worked at Erwin High School as a special ed teacher, learned to drive the bus during this time. I rented my Great-grandparents house from my uncle in Mac's Chapel.

Worked at Counseling Center as a teacher where I met Chris. During this time I finally moved back to Southside to a wonderful little apartment in the Highland Park area. It had a great tub, too. Then I married Chris and we moved to the most bizarre little rental house in Avondale. I finished my Master's and went to work at Fultondale Elementary as the EC teacher.

We moved back to Mac's Chapel and bought the house I had rented. I transferred to McAdory High School as the Work Instructor.

Spring/Summer 2006
We lived in an apartment in Downtown Birmingham where Metropolitan Gardens used to be while our house was rebuilt after a fire.

Fall 2006
We moved into our new house in Mac's Chapel, Grandmother died, David was born, we started trying to sell.

Fall 2007
I transferred to West Jefferson Elementary as the school librarian.

Fall 2011
Landed in Corner Alabama, but I'm still the librarian at West Jefferson.

My boots are dusty.


  1. You really have lived a thousand lives! I do have a few questions...and of course, you totally left off the milestones of 2008 and 2012: meeting moi :) and becoming an NBCT!!!

  2. Enjoyed reading around your blog today. I suffer from constant pangs of wanderlust too! and I think, like you, mine was fueled from my bizarre upbringing...parents divorced, remarried, and divorced again. I moved every 6 months to a year, living in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, California, Texas, and Florida by the time I was in 5th grade. Sounds like we would have lots of stories to share for sure! :-)