Monday, February 18, 2013

Reflection of my teaching practice

Over the weekend, I read one of those sweet lists about how to treat kids. I like to think I know how, but this thing affected me. I couldn't find it to share it, but one of the pieces of advice it offered was to remember how small they really are.

I have failed at this. Lately, I have been doing several research projects with my students. I have been astounded at what I perceived as a lack of background knowledge to complete certain tasks. These are 8, 9 and 10 year olds I have been putting this pressure on. I forgot how small they really were. I'm the teacher, if they lack background knowledge, it's my fault. These kids have never had another librarian or lab teacher, so if its something they can't do, obviously I haven't taught them how to do it. These guys have barely even began their study of social studies and history, yet I've been expecting them to digest and process complex information while they perform complex operations using a computer. Well, hell yes I can do it, I've got a masters degree. They're 4th graders. Little guys. That trust me. I know my expectations should be high, but then they must be realistic, too. It's the process, not the product. I can think of time and again that I have made this mistake. I plan to resolve this and improve my practice. I wish I could write this into my EducateAlabama plan.

Dieting: I ate with defiance and disregard today. I made a decision to,count my points this morning, but that oppositional defiance I inherited from my Mom reared its ugly head, and being a Gemini my self defied myself. Hahahahahahaha. One day at a time. Glad this one is almost over.

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