Saturday, February 16, 2013

Drivel of a serial eater.

It's been 9 days since I posted, and I bet I haven't stuck to my plan a single one of those days. I think it was the oatmeal that finally got me. I'm just not planning well. When I didn't have my family, I could rock weight watchers. Now, by no means would I rather not have my family, it's just such hard work. Seriously.

 Okay, I'm going to bitch for a minute. I work all day, and I have my sensible breakfast in the morning, pack my highly processed lean cuisine and two very healthy snacks such as a piece of fruit and a Greek yogurt for  school(However I do sneak 3-5 pieces of chocolate from various stashes in other teachers' rooms throughout the day) and then I come home starving. And tired. So if  I haven't already, I have to figure out what we are going to eat, if Sunshine will even taste it, prepare it, then clean up the kitchen. And another thing, healthy low point meals take way more prep time than spaghetti or hamburger or chicken fingers and fries...After about a month  I'm just tired of it. So here I am. Again.

Another thing, my dear friend posted on her blog that they took Valentine's Day off because, well, it's Valentine's soaked in high calorie sweets Day. We did too. However, she reported how guilty and sick she felt. Well, not this sister. I enjoyed every sweet thing I put in my mouth. I cooked a wonderful supper that included butter, rolls and cheesecake, and today we are officially going out for V-Day. I plan to have my favorite thing of all time, a juicy cheeseburger.

I'm not even going to attempt to post what my plans for next week are. I will try though.

Before I close, however, I did want to make a comparison with falling off the wagon and falling off the diet train. In AA, we always say things like "Keep Coming Back" and "it's the first drink that gets you drunk " We also talk about something called the phenomenon of craving. It seems that as long as we can keep from taking that first drink, well, we will be successful. I have heard many stories, too, about alcoholics that drink again without problems, for a period of time. But the disease always catches up with them again. I am simply too afraid to find out what would happen if I had another drink. I just don't go there. Plus, I'm prideful and like saying I've been sober for 17 years.

My point, once I fall off the diet train, I always have a tremendously hard time getting back on. Food makes me feel so good. Guess Ill "keep coming back."

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