Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

I don't really love to cook on a regular basis, but I do love to cook a great holiday meal. I don't aspire to be a gourmet cook, but to make everyone happy with food. So today's blog features our Easter Dinner.

We started the morning with a traditional Easter breakfast of bunny ears.
We had plenty of ham for Sunshine. He loves this kind of "steak". This is a Smithfield picnic ham baked with brown sugar in the crock pot  It doesn't make the prettiest presentation, but I cooked it over-night and didn't even have to slice it. The ham tasted like the ones my Grandmother used to bake. Delicious!
Christy is also a big fan of my Grandmother's cooking, so I made sure we had plenty of southern style potato salad. This is just potatoes  mixed with dill pickles, onions, boiled eggs, mayonnaise  a quick dash of mustard, salt, pepper and dill. No measuring, this is a by instinct recipe, so results may vary. I did get the thumbs up today, though.
Chris loves Deviled Eggs, so I took these up a notch by dyeing the whites a la Pinterest. The cute plate came from Christy. Thanks! (See the salt and pepper chicks?)
Another favorite around here is broiled fresh asparagus. I just lightly coated the stems with olive oil, salt and pepper and broiled for about 5 minutes. The cup behind the asparagus has homemade hollandaise. The asparagus was delicious, the hollandaise was a novelty. 
Dessert was something called a Magic Cake, again a la Pinterest. The cake bakes into layers and tastes like an egg custard with a crust. Very good. It's light (not not in calories, just in air) and not too sweet. 
And my favorite people ready to dig in! 
Happy Easter! 

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